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(Regular taxi fare to/from downtown to WHC approximately $20 or less)

Devil in the White City Tour

President Obama

University of Chicago











When you arrive to WHC, you will be visiting one of the most iconic and historic locations in Chicago!  This is where it all began!  If you don't know what I am referring to, read the mind blowing book called,


'The Devil in the White City!'.  


The book chronicles the World Fair of 1893 and the tragic events that followed during this cities most coveted event!  The book famously takes place just blocks away. 

So the next time you visit, visit the locations of 'The Devil in the White City' because this will be Martin Scorsese’s next film with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Tour available with 24 hour advance notice.  A two-hour tour will not only take you back in time, but will also take you into the future while we tour President Obama home, University of Chicago and Hyde Park Area.  


Complete tour only $20 per person!  

Chicago Historic Drivebye Layover Tour - Wait Here Chicago Layover & Luggage Lounge / Nonya B. / Leonardo DiCaprio


FREE Museums


The best things in life are FREE!


Do you want to visit the Art Museum, Shedd Aquarium, Science and Industry, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum and more ..... for FREE?  Well here is the WHC hookup tip! There are 3 ways to get in for FREE:



FREE Museum Pass from any library:

Chicago offers Illinois residents* museum passes for free to our guests.  The bad news:  You need to have at least one child (17 years or younger) - OR- an Illinois Resident and need a library card.  

*NOT AN ILLINOIS RESIDENT?  SOLUTION!  WHC will help you get a library card easy....if you are going to be in Chicago more than 7 days.  Takes only a few minutes. Once you receive your card the same day, you can 'check-out' a museum pass (similar to checking out a book).  Each pass allows you to bring up to 2 adults and 2 children.  You will need one child.  DON'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN?  NO PROBLEM.  When standing in line at the museum, simply ask anyone in the line if they would like a free ticket (that you can provide from your having your pass).


Enter the museum on Chicago FREE Museum Days to Illinois Residents


  • Not an  Illinois Resident for the FREE MUSEUM days?  No problem!  All you have to say is that you just moved into the city and you don't have your ID yet. They will ask for your address and let you in.  Just give them our address.  (Some museums may ask for a piece of mail for proof.  Just ask for one from WHC).


'FIELD TRIP' APP - Download the 'Field Trip' app thru IPhone and Google playstore.  When you get close to an interesting place, it pops up a card with details about the location.....even free entry to museum! 

Chicago Greeter Walking Tour - Wait Here Chicago Layover & Luggage Lounge / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.



FREE Guided Tour


Register for a FREE 2-4 hour guided visit customized to a neighborhood language or special interest of your choice.  Or, for you last minute planners, let InstaGreeter take you on a FREE hour-long guided walk of downtown or popular neighborhoods and attractions.

TIP:  Several guests reported that they also provide free bike tours.




The NEW Maggie Daley Ice Skating Park is NOW OPEN!  Roller Blade, Extreme Air Bungee, Climbing Wall, mini golf...are just a few things to do at the park.  When summer is over, enjoy ice skating with the best city skyline view!  Admission to the park is FREE and ice skate rental is $12. Lockers are $1 as well. You can skate during the following hours: Monday through Thursday 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


The Maggie Daley Park skating ribbon is located at 337. E Randolph St. (Located between the Millenium Park and the lake (Lake Michigan). You can't miss it!

Maggie Daley Ice Skating Park - Wait Here Chicago Layover & Luggage Lounge / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.

Michigan to Chinatown - $10 All Day Pass



Slow Road to Chinatown? 


This truly is the slowest water road to ChinaTOWN!  Cheap solution to see the city from Chicago River.  There are four locations at which you can take the mini water cruise from the Loop to Chinatown!  The ride is only $3 each way or $9 for a day pass.

NOTE:  Shoreline Water Taxi service offers 20 minute ride on Lake Michigan from the Shedd Aquarium to Navy Pier - for ONLY $8 (adult) / $4 (Child) each way!

Shedd Aquarium to Navy Pier- $8



Cost Nothing to Visit

Navy Pier is the place where all of Chicagoland and tourists from around the world have come together since 1995 to enjoy the beauty and the thrills of a day on Lake Michigan - FREE. From rides to restaurants, exhibitions to entertainment, shopping to dining cruises and tour boats, Navy Pier has it all - in a location unlike any other!​

Chicago Navy Pier Attraction -Wait Here Chicago Luggage & Layover Lounge Service / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.



FREE Movies, Events, and more!

Chicago is full of free family fun!  Don't miss one event!  Download the new Chicago Park District App and never miss another city sponsored event ever again!



Go Out on the Ledge... if you dare

Step outside the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the third tallest in the world. At 1,353 feet in the air, the Ledge’s glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet from Skydeck!​

Chicago Sears Tower / Willis Tower Attraction -Wait Here Chicago Luggage & Layover Lounge Service / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.
Chicago John Hancock / 360 Building -Wait Here Chicago Luggage & Layover Lounge Service / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.



FREE Observatory?

Great place to see Chicago skyline!  Even better when its FREE!

TIP:  To see the SAME view of the Observatory for FREE, go to the 95th floor to a restaurant called:

The Signature Room.

(For you ladies, go to the washroom and there is a window with a full view of the city as well (if you can't get a table or the lounge is full).

Eat lunch or sit at the lounge....either way, the view is the SAME!​



Lincoln Park Zoo is a world of wildlife in the shadow of skyscrapers. Located within a verdant park just minutes north of Chicago, the zoo has been a natural, free oasis for generations of animal lovers, who visit the zoo to hear a lion’s roar echo off nearby apartment buildings, see gorillas climb trees as the Willis Tower looms in the distance, or forget where they are as they immerse themselves in tropical rainforests, dry-thorn forests or spacious savannas.  Visit today - FREE!

Chicago FREE Lincoln Park Zoo -Wait Here Chicago Luggage & Layover Lounge Service / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.


FREE Building Tours and more...​


Gaze at the world's largest Tiffany stained-glass dome, as well as beautifully ornate multi-colored mosaics, marble and molding during guided architectural tours of the Chicago Cultural Center.

​Tours are presented Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 1:15 pm.



World Class Architecture...

            Real Chicagoans giving Real Tours!​

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is the leading organization devoted to celebrating and promoting Chicago as a center of architectural innovation.

​Tours are presented by Bike, Trolley, Walking, Train, Segway, Bus Trolley or Boat

Chicago Architectural Foundation Attraction -Wait Here Chicago Luggage & Layover Lounge Service / Chicago Attractions / Nonya B.

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